Users.updated_at not renewed on all updates

When modifying a user via the api I wanted to use users.updated_at as criteria for the last update.
Now I noticed that it is not set anew upon all actions. Eg, when changing watched categories or watch 1st post categories, it is not.

Why not?

I do

  • add new users
  • put users to groups
  • delete users from groups
  • set the main group for a user
  • alter notification levels
  • set/unset a specific category for/from watching or watching 1st post
  • change the email address of a user
  • suspend/unsuspend users

and believed each of these actions should alter users.updated_at.
Is there another field that I’ve missed which can tell me when the settings of a user are last altered?

Watched categories are in their own table, so you’d need to check there, I think.

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That would be category_users and there is no updated_at. Or is the category itself altered when a user sets it on watched?

It looks like you’re right and that there is no updated_at for the category_users table. I’m not sure how to solve your problem, you could create a user_custom_field that you updated via the API, I think.


Thank you Jay, that seems to be a workaround.

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