User profile watch/track/mute options not persisted

I believe it is the latest beta that has this problem.

AFAIK all user profile options can be saved and persisted, EXCEPT for:

  • Watched Categories

  • Tracked Categories

  • Watching First Post Categories

  • Muted Categories

  • Watched Tags

  • Tracked Tags

  • Watching First Post Tags

  • Muted Tags

Muted Users work fine.

Pressing Save Changes will send the correct REST PUT command. Came back with 200 and “Saved!” right next to the button.

Thus, to the web app, the settings have been changed. However, the database has not been changed.

I tried this on Meta and it doesn’t persist to database also.


This has only happened to me for about a month or so … prior to that it’s worked perfectly and seems to only apply to users created since the problem. Existing users are still working fine.

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For me it was working perfectly until recently. Probably a regression.

And it also happens to the admin user of the site, the first user created. So existing users are not fine.

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Just pushed a fix. It’s a regression due to our recent rails upgrade

Backported to beta too.


Hmm my existing ‘watched’ stuff is working fine (I’m the only admin) and it’s working fine for people who have existing watched categories.

But perhaps if existing users watch something new it doesn’t work?

Yup. This one is about you not being able to change your watch/mute categories. Existing categories work fine.

So unfortunately it probably isn’t a solution for your problem (i.e. two users not getting notification emails).

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Thanks @zogstrip! Always on the ball.


I noticed that this request made it into the latest build so I did the old rebuild … I experience a half fix.

(not sure if I’ve jumped the gun on the patch)

I un-watched the category and re-watched it for one of the users in question.

So the user is now receiving the correct ‘unread posts’ notification (about a brand new post in the category) in the popup area, but no email is being sent according to the admin area of Discourse.

All the email notification boxes are ticked as you’d expect.

Users will not be emailed if they are currently active on the site - could that be the reason?

If that’s the case, the ‘unsent’ emails will be listed under adminemailsskipped


Yes nothing in skipped, but it’s also selected for all users on my forum.

(settings in question just to confirm)



It works!

I have a feeling it might have something to do with unticking all those email settings, saving them and re-ticking them all though? That’s what I just did after about 5 new post attempts.

I’m going to check this with another account…

EDIT - yes, this is the way to fix users who were created in this purgatory period. Untick all email settings, save, then retick all email settings and it works again.



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