Users without permissions to send PMs see an invitation to send PMs

Discourse allows to restrict the private messages feature to users with a certain trust level. However, all users reaching “inbox zero” see an invitation to send messages regardless of their trust level:

You don’t have any messages
Need to have a direct personal conversation with someone, outside the normal conversational flow? Message them by selecting their avatar and using the message button.

In our instance, private messages are restricted to TL2, and we have received a report of a user who was confused because they couldn’t find that message button.


Tricky one @andrei / @codinghorror we probably want to cater the text here to this situation.

I support changing the text to something along the lines of:

You don’t have any messages
Once you reach trust level 2 you will be allowed to message users.

Something like that?

Clearly not urgent, but I agree it is confusing.


That’ll work :+1:.

This is definitely confusing. I’m assigning this to myself, we’ll fix it, but with low priority.