Using a topic as a chatroom

(Blu McCormick) #1


I have been thinking about the difference between forums and chat rooms and this article was helpful for explaining how they differ.

I might not be able to install the chat room plugin just yet due to budget constraints, which got me thinking why not just use a topic in a private category as a chat room where no particular topic is adhered to, moderating is less (tl 3 only in chat room), and content is not archived or preserved. I imagine deleting and restarting topic everynow and then if necessary.

Has anyone taken this approach and how has that worked out?
Is a chat room topic too taxing on the forum host in terms of retaining records of that chat room thread by default. Does it mess with search results? Anything else I am not thinking of?

(Biscuit) #2

If the chat topic is used a lot, it will sit at the top of the recent threads. Not necessarily a problem, just an observation.

But, if it’s in a private category, I guess that would only be visible to those with access, not everyone on the forum.


I’ve done something similar in the past with a topic for daily checking in and out of staff. That worked fine and there are no obvious issues that I can think of.