Using Discourse Connect with a mobile app

Hi All. We have a mobile app wherein we want to integrate discourse as a community. We plan on using the discourse API to achieve this. However, there are a few question regarding the login mechanism. We do not want the users to register again on discourse to be able to use the community feature on the app. I understand that to bypass this, we can use DiscourseConnect. I have two major questions on how to setup the DiscourseConnect for our use case:

  1. What should be the discourse connect URL that I should use in this case?
  2. Since the users will always be logged in to our app and going to access the community through the app, we do not want the user to be asked to login to the forum again. They should be automatically logged in to the community too. Is it possible to do this when using discourse connect?

Any help would be much appreciated. Looking forward to the community’s response.