Using Discourse in a web app


I am a web developer, new to Discourse. I would like to create a web app where users could discuss a document.
The UI would look like this:

  • a main area showing the document,
  • other areas/windows/tabs where users could create topics to discuss parts of the document.
    Does it sound feasible with Discourse? If it does, how could this be done?

(Blake Erickson) #2

You could probably just create a topic where the first post is a link or an uploaded document.

I would recommend setting up a discourse on a digital ocean droplet and trying out your use case.

discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Another option would be to look into embedding a topic on your document page. It would require the user to click into the comments to leave a reply but that’s no different than any other commenting structure.


@blake, @joebuhlig, thanks a lot.

I have created a prototype to showcase the idea. I am in the process of simplifying the UX, re-engineering the whole stuff and planning for version 1.

I would like to pursue the iframe idea further :

Has anyone embedded a topic list instead of a comment list? What if I use categories as unique identifiers for document sub-parts? I could then use the appropriate url (for example : to show only the relevant topics. But will it then be easy to hide all the unnecessary banners and buttons to show only a clean topic list ?