Using Discourse to power comments in an event system or blog?

Andy - I am interested in this effort and may be able to help; I definitely want to join this conversation. I have a similar need to provide the means to create ‘conversations’ that are topical within the Street Medicine community in a ‘forum’ like manner. I want to create a ‘watercooler’ where Street Medicine practitioners come to discuss best practices, ask questions, get help from fellow Street Medicine practitioners.

Question: is there a group of folks that are putting their heads together to solve this need?

We joined up with @syl who has been doing the leg work on a solution.

Is it a good time for more people to join in Sylvain?

Sure, any help is welcome.
@rayjnorris, you can have a look at this page to see the first prototype.


I have just had a look but I get >

Docuss - Error in website JSON file

Failed to load

are you still working on this?

Will it be possible to have the comment in a sidebar as on Europe takes another step towards copyright pre-filters for user generated content – TechCrunch instead below a text?

This is strange, everything looks fine on my side. Would you please give me the names of your OS, browser and ad-blocker(s) please?

Yes I do.

The current version of Docuss looks very much like your TechCrunch link. Would you please detail what you want different? Thanks.


my mistake, forgot to check the NoScrip Firefox add-on, works now :slight_smile:

look great may a cleaner/flatter interface would be prefered sometimes, can you use used-as-commenting-system styles to discourse when it is displayed in the sidebar?

Yes you can. When displaying the sidebar, some Docuss classes are added to the <html> tag, so that you can override all Discourse classes with sidebar-specific versions.