Using Discourse with KYC checks

How can I set a gamified workflow where the user has to go through a predefined KYC check to make sure that he/she is not a troll and has the following options:

  1. Either choose to have a genuine profile with all the minimum required Biodata, if so then benefit from the gamified scores (like a verified check :white_check_mark: icon like Twitter and extra scores :star2:) or;
  2. Stay anonymous but be ready to not benefit from certain privileges.

So far I am still stuck at the Webhook level, any ideas for me :thinking:


You could use the Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 to build the checks and then add the user to a group at the end.
You can then make the benefits available to members of that group.


Thanks, Richard.

The Custom Wizard plugin does provide a 1st level check however in our use case, integration with a neutral 3rd party KYC service would have been the ideal workflow showing our audience that we have interference in the KYC. For example integration with platforms like or similar. Any idea which feature or API integration can be used here.

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