Using PostCreator for anonymous user requests

I wanna send a POST-Request via Ajax to my rails (Discourse) backend to create a post. It works fine for logged-in users but doesn’t for anonymous ones.

What do I have to change to make it work for the letter?

You can create a „anonymous“ account and send the posts with this account.
I don’t think it is possible to create a post without a user account.

You’re right.
Okay, let me ask this question in a slightly different way: There is a system user which, for example, is used during the import process. I tried to simply assign posts to their user id (1) but I got "Can't verify CSRF token authenticity" and return 403 [“BAD CSRF”].

How do I solve this?

How are you assigning posts to the user id? I’m not sure how you could do that via AJAX request.

here is my current code: GitHub - nobodyfrm/contactform