Posting without signup?

Can we create forums that allow users to post without any signup/login?

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Welcome @bolt100 :discourse:!

You must have an account to perform pretty much all actions on a site such as posting. Therefore, allowing users to post without an account doesn’t exist.


If you need some level of animosity you could use anonymous posting? Caveat is that it still needs users to sign up.

Or change the site setting hide user profiles from public and hide it from user preferences with css so users can’t unhide themselves? But as with any css a user can find a way around it eg. Using safe mode.


It is possible… sort of…

One could create a Discourse Connect mechanism (well, any mechanism really) that automatically logged in users to a random (new) account every time they hit it.

If you want a mix of “throwaway” and “real” accounts, that mechanism would need to allow them to select between. Or, you might use one mechanism for “throwaway” and another for real users.

From Discourse’s point of view, it’s not really anonymous posting, but considering the entire system in place it would be.


There is a way to configure categories so that people can send in e-mails to a category address which will create a new topic post from that e-mail, without them needing to create an account. The system will create a user I.D. from their e-mail automatically as a “staged user.”