Using published pages in iframes on Ghost

Anyone know the most elegant way (or any way, for that matter) I might be able to use my Published pages in iFrames on one of my Ghost sites?

I have:

  1. DISCOURSE_ENABLE_CORS: true in my app.yml

  2. Added the Ghost site URL in the CORS origins in my Discourse at

  3. Published a page: Are you a human? -

  4. Added the iFrame <iframe src="" width=100% height=700></iframe> on the page at …

I have another thought to possibly use the Official Integration, but I think it works in the opposite direction :interrobang:

I don’t know, but there is a hidden site setting allow_embedding_site_in_an_iframe that you could try.

./launcher enter app
rails c

WooHoo it worked! Thanks a million, @pfaffman!!

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