Using subject line for reply-by-email identifier

(Dave Higgins) #1

I just set up the reply-by-email function as described here:

It’s working great! :laughing: :thumbsup:

For appearances, I prefer to have the reply domain at my domain rather than, so I thought about setting up a DNS email forwarder. I hoped that the sub address (address tag) would be preserved.I would continue to POP3 from Gmail, I don’t mind that.
However, this does not seem to be possible:
dns - Email forwarding preserving subaddress - Webmasters Stack Exchange

But a workaround remains, as described in that post: put the string identifier in the subject line as well (and look for it there as well). This would prevent Discourse customers needing to set up their own email server, which is my remaining option (I’m using a DigitalOcean droplet).

May I therefore suggest this feature: put the string identifier if a reply-by-email in the subject line as well as the address tag, and check for it there too.

(Dean Taylor) #2

When automatically forwarding the “To:” email address doesn’t change, only the “Delivered-To:” is changed.
The “To:”, “CC:”, “BCC:” are the only email header values considered in Discourse.

I describe how to setup forwarding in a way that uses a custom domain here:

And here:

(Dave Higgins) #3

I didn’t see that - just what I need! Thanks for posting :smile:

(Dean Taylor) #4

This topic should probably be closed, duplicate of:

Also it looks like it is resolved.

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