Using the API to retrive the value of a custom user field from a user

I’ve search the API documentation but I can’t find a way to get the value of a customer user field of a specified user. Is this possible? Thanks.

If you whitelist a user custom field in public user custom fields site setting then you can get it in /u/USERNAME.json API endpoint.

Else if you whitelist in staff user custom fields setting then you can get it in the same API endpoint if you used a staff user’s / global api key.


Is there any way, by which we could find/search a mobile number, which has been written by a/any user in a custom user field, when he signed in on the website/created his account?

Any data explorer query? Or advance search or something?

I think a Data Explorer query would be the best approach. Have a look at the second query in this post: Query to filter users by sign-up 'custom fields' - #2 by simon. It should give you the data you are looking for.


You people really seem to have solution to every problem.
I read this whole topic, but somehow missed that related thread.