Vacation autoresponder for users who are away?

First apologies if this discussed before.
We have need some time for users to set up auto response.
For our users during vocation or longer missing from job we setting up auto response on email server. So when someone mail user it get response of limited access to mail service and info who is take care of his job during.
It will be great if we could let users to set up theri auto response on discource instance.
We are trying to reduce mail sending as much as more, we are only sending 3 mail to users per day, We are trying to internal company communication perform over discource instance.

When user is off sight first 3 mentions get response from mail server but lately we do not sends mail anymore and others users which trying to reach users by PMs to mention then get silent exception.

It will be great if I user cloud setup auto response message, so when someone mentioned him to get auto response with message.

I don’t think copying email conventions is the right choice here, as we’re not email.

What we do instead is show a visual indicator when someone is on vacation for an extended period of time, like so:


Also appears in the @ mentions and the drop-down in a similar way.


How do you achieve extra info during @ mentioning user ?

My developer created a custom plugin for me (autoresponder) but it’s only available to admins. It’s a very used feature on our instance, perhaps this is something that should be built in?

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Any chance to get access to that repository so I can fork my version

Like I’ve said, it’s only for admins, and it’s something I paid for to have developed. If you’re willing to purchase it, then PM me. Otherwise, I must refuse. I am not a developer, I constantly pay through the nose to get things done so please forgive but I don’t want to give it away.

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You know what? I will talk to my dev and maybe just release the plugin into the /plugin section, just so I can give back to the community. Had a sudden change of heart. But, I won’t offer any support, it will be up to my devs good will to go through with this.


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I’ve requested access to the plugin section but no response. Is there anyone in particular i need to contact? I want to release that PM plugin.

Here you go! PM autoresponder for admins