vBulletin to Discourse Migration Quotes Requested!

Hi everyone, I’m looking for quotes on migrating our vBulletin forums to Discourse. However it’s a bit more complicated than your average form migration due to a bit of code we’re running that merges multiple forums. I’m not sure if Discourse can accommodate this. If it can, we’d much rather leave the migration to a professional familiar with Discourse.

Some details: We have several vB4 forums (7 in total, all with individual licenses) that share the same database. Each forum appears to the end user as a stand alone part, however there are areas of overlap with the broader network. For example there are classifieds sections that can be viewed and replied to no matter what forum you’re on.

Total forum stats: Threads: 275,993 Posts: 4,534,550 Members: 29,369

Please respond here with suggestions, recommendations or send me a private message! Thanks in advance!

PS: I’m going to go ahead and tag @codinghorror here because he seems to have a lot of technical answers :smile:

I can’t think of any way to do this at the moment in Discourse.

Ah. Here’s a thought - is it possible to skin each individual category differently?

Yes, the <body> gets a class associated with the category slug.

Sounds like you would have to customize the visibility of the categories based on the website.
Based on the website, you would hide/show a particular set of categories, with some of them visible for all websites.

Does a member of 1 forum automatically get access to the other 6?

Yes that’s exactly where I was going with my previous thought @rubydoob

And yes, each member has a single login for all forums and can access all of them.

There are several other much larger forum communities that do something similar to this, the www.bimmerpost.com forums come to mind. Individual forums appear as individual sites with different themes / skins / etc, but at the bottom there are sections like off-topic that are “universal” and appear on all forums allowing cross forum collaboration.

Obviously there are benefits to this from the standpoint of someone who runs multiple forums and for the communities at large as well.

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