vBulletin v4 importer list conversion breaks markup

When importing from vBulletin v4 to Discourse, the following markup gets converted incorrectly, resulting in a rather unsightly post in Discourse:

vBulletin post source code (which renders correctly for us in VB

[*][URL="https://link.one"]TITLE OF LINK ONE[/URL] (more info here)
[*][URL="https://link.two"]TITLE OF LINK TWO[/URL] (more info here)
[*][URL="https://link.three"]TITLE OF LINK THREE[/URL] (more info here)

Becomes this in Discourse:

[li][TITLE OF LINK ONE](https://link.one) (more info here) [/li][li][TITLE OF LINK TWO](https://link.two) (more info here)[/li][li][TITLE OF LINK THREE](https://link.three) (more info here) [/li][/ul]

That looks correct to me, the problem you mean is lack of linebreaks?

Sorry, I didn’t post the rendered portion of the code in Discourse. Once rendered to the end user it looks like this:

[li]TITLE OF LINK ONE (more info here) [/li]
[li]TITLE OF LINK TWO (more info here)[/li]
[li]TITLE OF LINK THREE (more info here)[/li]

The links are rendered but the list is not rendered.

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Yeah ul bbcode is kind of supported in the bbcode plugin, but its a terrible syntax that should be nuked as soon as possible.

I recommend amending that importer to properly change this quirky bbcode to proper markdown


To make sure I understand correctly, this conversion is expected, but to see it rendered properly I need to add this BB Code plugin?