Viability of automatic index topics

Hello, could anyone point me towards some general information about the following?

(Background: My Discourse experience is mostly as a user, and just starting to barely dip my toe in as an admin/mod. I’m also not from a programming/IT background, but literate enough that some people think I know what I’m doing I guess? I tried my friend Google and I can’t tell if what I’m picturing doesn’t exist, or if I’m just not using the best keywords to search. If I can get a general notion of whether this is even worth exploring, I can call in some IT cavalry for further research & execution.)

I’ve seen examples in a community I participate in, where there are index threads made just to hold links to other threads about a particular topic, organized by date, for example. This allows them to be collected in a tidier list format like a table of contents, rather than how they would appear in the normal forum view. It looks like the creation & maintenance is entirely manual, though.

I have 2 questions about this:

  1. Is it possible to set up an automated action where some posts are collected into an index like this, based on certain criteria?

  2. If I wanted to have this collector-bot seek out & index all attachments that users have uploaded, might that be doable?

2.5) I’ve seen that it’s possible to have all the links that get posted in a thread automatically collected in a box at the top of that thread. Could that be done with file attachments instead of links?

Thanks for any help, & apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place!


If any of those topics are on a public forum, can you post a link to one of them?


Private forum, but maybe I can redact all identifiable lettering in a screenshot

Do you mean stuff like this:

Those happen automatically when one topic refers to another. (That was from What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?)

The indexing thing is different-- but this looks a little bit like the “links in a thread all get displayed at the top” thing I mentioned in question 2.5.

*edit: Ooh, but in that Data Explorer Queries topic I see the links thing I was referring to:

So in addition to wondering about a way to make a separate auto-index, I’m wondering if there’s a way to have a similar widget at the beginning of topics, that harvests uploaded files within the topic instead of links that are posted within the topic.

*edit again: oops, nope, I’m realizing now that “Popular Links” is not restricted to only links within that topic. But I’ve seen a version of it that seems to do that.

Here’s what the thread that is an index of threads looks like. The top post in it says it’s a wiki & anyone can edit the posts. I wouldn’t need that feature for what I want to index, though. I’m more interested on whether I can make all uploaded files in a CATEGORY get automatically indexed someplace, on an ongoing basis.

*edit–want to index files in a category, not topic.

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I think that could be done with a plugin. The plugin would need to update a topic each time an upload is added to the category.

From the screenshots you posted, it seems likely they are just manually updating the wiki posts.


Yes, the example I saw looked like it is done entirely by hand.