How to automatically create a topic list in a sub-category?

Hi, I’d like to know how to automatically create a topic list like in this picture

As you can see, the list is made up of links redirecting to the topic with the number of clicks next to it.
How to do that? (I have no skills in coding)
Is it possible to create this list without using a plugin?

Thank you!

Not sure what you mean by automatic, automatic from where? That’s just someone posting hyperlink. The number represents how many people have then clicked on that link and are automatically generated

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ah, so it is just hyperlink?
What I mean by “automatic” is that I don’t wanna copy paste topics’ URL one by one, and write their title one by one in a post
So, automatic from the sub-category, I just select a sub-category and it lists for me all the topic in it, then I can copy-paste this list into a post
I wonder if there is a way discourse can do this for me

My problem is that there is about 87 topics to be listed in a post (like in the picture) in a category. I don’t wanna write all of them one by one, I am looking for a shortcut if there is any

When you post a link in Discourse with any character in front or behind that link, Discourse automatically uses the blog, topic or link’s title in place of the link in the cooked post. So for instance the text you see are just links:

Then if you post them on separate lines with a space before each link, select them all and click the bullet format icon in your composer, you’d have them in lists.


An alternative approach:

Why don’t you put all of the Topics into their own Sub Category and share the link to the Sub Category, which will bring up a Topic List containing all of your Topics?

Then there is no need to create an ‘index’ Topic? The Topic List for the Sub-category IS your index?

Here’s an example here on Meta:

which will take you to:

which is a Topic List.

Like any Topic List it contains viewing stats.

Another useful alternative (if you can’t put them all in one sub-category and they are spread around) is to use tags.

Add a tag to each Topic and then link your users to that tag list, e.g.:

All of the topics here have tag ‘offiical’.

Again, it’s a Topic List with viewing stats …


Or tag all the topics, which is a simpler and lighter weight method, free of permission overhead.


Thank you guys for your needed answers!

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