Video Hosting Script to Onebox

I’m looking for a video hosting script which I can host myself - something nice and simple like an equivalent of Chevereto (which is images only as far as I can see).

But - it needs to display a nice inbox with the video player contained in it. Any ideas? I feel like I am missing something obvious. It does need to be self hosted though, I don’t like relying on 3rd parties.

You can directly upload videos to a Discourse post and they’ll embed automatically, like this MP4 for example:

Is that what you’re looking for, or do you need additional features?


Good to know, is that just using the standard ‘upload’ button after adding .mp4 to the allowed file upload types? If so, is the poster image generated automatically at the time of posting?

In an ideal world, as at the moment I am using Discourse hosting, it would be 3rd party which would resolve the issue of storage quotas being gobbled up quickly.

Thinking out loud here, I guess I could use ANY storage elsewhere and prevent hot-linking from all but my Discourse domain name.

So I guess my main question would be are the poster images generated automatically?

That’s correct, and you can specify a poster image manually in the markup when you create the post (if you use the html video tag). There’s also a theme component you can add to your site that gives you an interface for it: Insert Video component


Perfect, thank you :+1:

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