Using Discourse to create a video library to embed videos in posts?


Is it possible to use OneBox to create some sort of video library where we can upload video files that can later be embedded in forum threads? I’m just seeing if this can be achieved internally through using Discourse instead of just embedding videos from YouTube instead.

Many thanks.

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Yes, it should work fine, but… The problem is file size. You can increase the default somewhat, but there are constraints that limit to only a few minutes of video. You’ll really need some external file sharing service.


Also note that Discourse will offer simple file-based video playback, not proper streaming with features like multi-bitrate support etc. Depending on your needs, it might not give the best user experience.



Thanks for replying. How would I use OneBox to upload all of these video for use then in Discourse?


Just upload them and they work. Check on if you don’t have your own site.

Interesting, when I upload videos they appear as an attachment with a download link, rather than an embedded video player.

If I edit the post afterwards and dismantle the attachment download link, leaving just the URL to the .mp4 video then an embedded player magically appears.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hmm. That’s not what I remember, but it was over a year ago when I tried it.

Perhaps you need a theme component to handle it now?

No, it works fine, as you can see here. This implies there’s a problem with the install on their end.

Unless you can repro a problem on try, but I’m not seeing one. Here’s a screenshot of me sending a PM to myself with that sample video clip on

Raw post source is