Video player for uploads

Is there a way for when a user uploads an mp4 or video it shows a player function and not just a link to download the video?

Not talking about sharing a one box link but a direct upload of an mp4.

Handling videos is a lot of work. You are better off using a dedicated video sharing service and linking to it.

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Nothing that’s integrated with it? Or ideas on how to set it up? Some fight videos I want to host that streamable and sites with exception of live leak don’t delete automatically.

I’m sorry we won’t help you host/share (most likely) illegal videos.

That’s fine. It’s not illegal but whatever.

It already works this way, try uploading a short mp4 clip and it will work fine, as you can see here:

You’re simply going to run into upload limits because videos are HUUUUGE. Upload those clips somewhere that specializes in hosting video and then link to them, like everyone else does, which also provides a built in player … :wink:


Given embedded options, isn’t it better to upload on video sharing site like youtube instead?

Doesn’t need to add extra layer of unnecessary censorship too…

Plus it allows much bigger videos without storage strain :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks @codinghorror. I guess my older forum I stopped trying cause a few times just gave me links to download only. I’ll give it a shot today.

@OrcaFrost I wish but I was on a Reddit sub similar with what I wanted and about half of the top videos were deleted. I just hate when I click on links to watch a video and it’s gone. That’s what I was trying to prevent. I know Reddit subs started making mirror bots but sometimes those are deleted also and Reddit is so large the quality of what’s posted is bad.

I’d hate to cost more then I needed too especially for such a small site project but I really hate dead links if I can avoid it. And LiveLeak is a rabbit hole I just don’t want to go down linking back too lol

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Worked perfectly! Thanks!


Can I tack a support request on to the end of this thread?

When I click the upload button here on Meta, and upload a MP4 video, it does not transform my link and leaves it as:

And it embeds a player :+1:t2:

However, on our Discourse v2.2.0.beta10 +16 when I upload a video it replaces the link and turns it in to an attachment of sorts:

<a class="attachment" href="//">20181207_M62_Vehicle_Fire.mp4</a> (2.9 MB)

I’m guessing this is a setting we have changed somewhere.

Question is, does anyone know how to undo / fix this?

To answer my own question, this setting was enabled:

prevent anons from downloading files

Unticking it then allows uploaded videos to be embedded with a video player.


Quick question, is it currently possible to add poster image attribute to the video?

(context: we would like to support videos from Wikimedia Commons in our instance, but videos often have a rather not attractive first frame that shows as a preview, so adding nice image as html video poster image would be a great improvement)

Is this setting accessable to moderators or only the administrator?

All site setting modifications are only available to admins, not moderators.


Thanks Sam. I knew the answer before I asked, but wanted to be certain. LOL
My problem is being a moderator with its limits and an administrator whose time is consumed by his other responsibilities combined with not wanting to deal with PITA requests like searching his admin dashboard and figuring out how to do something simple, (i.e. change a setting or function, create a new category, etc.), when it’s not a necessity. Frustrating sometimes.

Thanks for the conformation. :+1: