Video previews no longer show up since 3.2.0.beta3

Since 3.2.0.beta3 update, Discourse does not show the video preview image. It shows black screen instead.

Well, you can see that in the official 3.2.0.beta3 announcement: 3.2.0.beta3: Chat grace period, category dark mode, site settings UI improvements, and more :

What’s interesting is that seems to be a breaking change, as all the videos uploaded prior to that show the previews correctly in our instance. Let’s just check some of previous posts at Discourse Meta prior to 3.2.0, where you can see video previews showing up correctly:


This was raised recently in this support topic:

I think it’s a change from this PR:


Thank you, I’ll proceed to the original topic you referenced to discuss this issue. Sorry, i tried, but could not find relevant topic to mine.


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