Video thumbnails issue

It seems that the official Mux Video Plugin doesn’t support thumbnails - and YouTube/Vimeo videos have nice thumbnails.

What is the most correct way to fix it?
Should I look in plugin logic or is there any thumbnail generator for the topics that can be triggered?

It was my long pause here…
Thank you!

Hi :wave:t3:

Dylan here from Mux. First time I’m seeing this Mux plugin. It looks like from poking around the repo that it uses Hls.js.

It should be a relatively straight forward lift to switch the player to Mux Player

That would give you the nice feature of timeline hover previews without any extra work. I’m not familiar with Discourse plugins, but happy to help get Mux Player integrated.


Hi Dylan,
Thank you for the answer and for the answer, yeah - Mux Player is the best option as we are making strong use of the Mux in our current video-related community (including live-videos at some later stage).

I will try to get it supported and fork/PR the plugin.


During the first quick attempts, I failed to integrate Mux Player instead of Hls.js.
Will try again next week.

<script src=""></script>

seems to give some conflicts

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What error/conflicts are you running into?

Here’s a simple example on Codesandbox with the hosted <script> tag

Also, mux-player can be installed with npm/yarn: @mux/mux-player

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Unfortunately, I see that I don’t have enough time to support fork later - so I will try to get thumbnails working with existing Discourse Video Plugin.
But thank you for your idea!

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