Video Upload to YouTube and Vimeo using Theme Component

Can you check if third-party cookies have been disabled? Do you have this in your address bar? image.png

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Good catch. I believe google deactivate third-party cookies by default, but I could be wrong…

I now have another error:

POST 401

Accesses are right though:

I went with these steps in the process of uploading the video through the Discourse interface:

Did you get the token? You have to first auth with google and get a token, looks like you don’t have that.

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Did you mean the Client ID?

I do have set it in the theme component settings:

Edit: couldn’t have Vimeo upload working either.

It’s weird because I had no trouble with both Youtube and Vimeo the last time I tried your theme component. :confused:

Error message:

POST 401 (Unauthorized)

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what we use Vimeo for Pinterest videos :movie_camera: :movie_camera: :movie_camera:

Has anyone successfully installed and used this theme component recently?

Yes, I use it with Vimeo. :slightly_smiling_face:

By chance, did you see any issue in my screenshots? I’m a bit frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to have this theme component working when I was able before. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I did not try to set up the YouTube version but with Vimeo I followed the video from the OP.

Select (I think this might be your problem) on generate an access token page the Authenticated (you) option and on Scopes select Public (required), Private and Upload

than click Generate and copy the key to vimeo api access token on Discourse setting.



I am trying to implement the youtube upload. All the processes I have followed as suggested but still not working are getting stuck by showing authentication only.

Or is there any alternative plugin to upload any file to community?

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“to upload any file to community”, stricto sensu, you just have to change the setting authorized extensions to any extension.
But you will be limited by the max attachment size, which you can increase, though Discourse isn’t meant to be a file hosting service, and I saw people having trouble with very large files though the settings were correct.

But I suppose what you really want is an easy way for your users to display their own videos in Discourse.

As far as I know, there is no other plugin or theme component than this one, and if you can’t set it up for whatever reason, your users then can only rely on external, Discourse-compatible solutions (in the sense where the media can be oneboxed on a Discourse post), like uploading to Youtube, Vimeo or any other specialized or cloud service.


Any chance this will ever support upload in chat?

Not from my side, if someone wants to add that support they are welcome to contribute a PR.


Hi @Canapin
Have you solved this issue with Youtube?
I have exactly the same problem…
Thank you!

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I didn’t try since then.

This seems to be broken as of now for YouTube uploads.

  "error": "idpiframe_initialization_failed"
  "details": "You have created a new client application that uses libraries for user authentication or authorization that are deprecated. New clients must use the new libraries instead. See the [Migration Guide]( for more information."

And the Migration Guide they link to which states

Google Sign-In JavaScript platform library for Web is set to be deprecated after March 31, 2023. For more details, see the authentication and authorization deprecation announcements. For more information, please see Deprecation and Sunset page.


Is that still an issue that breaks Youtube API use?

I’m stuck on an issue where it thinks I don’t have the origin registered but I can’t see what’s wrong and the answers I’ve found searching the web haven’t worked. I’m going through the Google OAuth2 verification and have asked them to advise.

If the component doesn’t work though I won’t prioritise its inclusion on my forum.

Edit: Working like a charm with Vimeo.


I have contacted the author who has no time to spend on the component. Until further notice, the component is tagged as unmaintained.


I’ve just used this TC successfully with Vimeo for a trial.

However, it is almost certainly now broken due to Upcoming refactoring to Discovery routes: how will it affect my theme/plugin?.

If it is to live again, this would be helpful for tight secure uploads to Vimeo:

  1. Have structured options for the privacy settings
  2. Include the discourse instance URL for the whitelist option of privacy.embed

any bro can update this app?