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Discourse Media Overlay Theme

This theme component allows users to “pop out” media into a floating window while they browse the site. They can even navigate to a different topic and the media will continue working.

It works with any <iframe> or <video> (with some special treatment for lazyYT). It adds a button to every compatible thing, which then opens a little popup in the bottom right.

You can then “minimise” it, which keeps the audio going in the background, or completely close it.

At the moment the size of the video is decided by the original embed. I’d like to add a “resizing” feature, either a “click and drag”, or just simply 3 buttons “small”, “medium”, “large”.

Currently this obscures the composer… simple solution is to just close the popup if you want to write a post :wink:.


The theme URL is

To install, follow these instructions:

Discourse Youtube player
Media Overlay Plugin
(David Taylor) #2

I have fixed this with the addition of an explicit z-index, and some explicit colours. With the vincent theme it now looks like this when you mouse-over:

You may want to add some further customisation to make it match your forum’s style :slight_smile:

(Vincent) #3

Thanks a lot! Works like a charm.

(Vincent) #4

Just noticed this little :bug:



This is great! However Im not sure if its just be but while the video is playing if you:

1.change positions or minimmize and remaximize

2.pause and attempt to unpause

  1. play or pause in post, and to the opposite in the media overlay

It just freezes to the default play button and video thumbnail

Anyone else have this issue?


Can you clarify - is this a them or a theme component?

(David Taylor) #7

It is a theme component


OK works now -thank you

(Activist) #9

It might be better if we can scale the screen and move it to anywhere with mouse.