Viewing unanswered topics

Continuing the discussion from Is there a better way to handle the “Up!”/“Bump!” usecase?:

One thing I do like about vB is that it’s easy to view a list of unanswered threads. Is there a way to do it in Discourse?

It’s an important feature, as topics can quickly fall off the grid if there’s a lot of activity going on. It’s discouraging to post a question and get no reply, so I often check the unanswered threads tab on vB to check if there’s anything I could answer that has dropped down the list.

This might help alleviate the need for annoying topic bumps.


Can you define “unanswered” ?

this works, but a better UI is pending: Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse (press reload) @eviltrout can you fix it so we don’t need to reload for that link to work?


Yes, just threads that haven’t received any reply—which is what that post query does. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Should it work on the Categories page?

no, not implemented there

I’ve added support for the query param. Also, I’ve made it easier for the client app to add them. Just put them in this file at the top and it’ll all be wired up in the future:


Since this is the top result on Google for “Discourse list unanswered topics”, and the discussion is too technical for some, the bottom line is:

You can see a nice list of unanswered topics by using a URL like this (which you can bookmark in your browser if you use it often).

For me, this would fit perfectly right there on the top, alongside Unread and Top links. I assume this is a very typical use case, at least for moderators.