Vimeo embedded player is no longer?

Having some issues with Vimeo videos not being embedded with a player automatically.


The strange thing is, in the past, these have embedded a player.

It’s really weird as a url which worked in older posts (and still does) will not embed a player if the url is pasted in to a new topic.

This only seems to be the case on free accounts, videos on ‘Plus’ accounts don’t appear to suffer this problem.

Is this a Vimeo issue, rather than Discourse?

Any idea why links posted in the past still show a player but if posted in a new post, show no player?

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Perhaps a better example: Isle of Lewis - Videos by Drone - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK

You’ll see the Vimeo player works in that post, the url to the video is:

Which does not embed a player in new posts?

Could you check this out @techAPJ


Public Vimeo oneboxes regressed in this commit. It looks like Vimeo doesn’t add og:video_url metadata in public videos but does so in private videos, very odd.

I fixed this by defaulting to oEmbed for public videos and using dedicated engine for private videos only (where we need to sprinkle magic attributes).

Thanks for reporting this isssue @Richie. :+1: