Onebox-ing of Vimeo videos still appears not be working

Hi! We’re running 1.7 of Discourse, and we’ve been able to embed Vimeo videos successfully for over a year. Suddenly, Vimeo links stopped working with Onebox in new posts. Vimeo embedding in previously created posts still works, but any vimeo link in a new post is not embedded. Searching meta.discourse, I found this post which seems to describe the same problem we’re having:

The post is closed, and looking at the Github link, I see that the issue is noted as fixed in 1.6.7. However, in 1.6.10 and now in 1.7.0, we are still seeing the problem. Any ideas for what might be going on?


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Let’s see

looks OK (Go) to me. Are you on the latest version?


Ah! Yes, it does now seem to work on our site as well. I needed to edit each of my newer posts with a vimeo link that hadn’t been showing as embedded and save the edit, and then it shows as embedded. Probably the newer version regenerates the post properly after the edit.

Thanks for the quick response, and for the awesome software!