Vimeo onebox for unlisted videos no longer works

Here’s an unlisted video:

If I try to just paste the URL on a line of its own, to embed it, the video apparently does not exist :thinking:

This used to work just fine - unsure when it broke - maybe Vimeo have changed something?


For reference, using the embed code from Vimeo does work (albeit in a tiny, horrible iframe):

But native one boxing of unlisted videos is kaput :confused:

Hmm, it looks like the URL is truncated: :thinking:


This URL format with a second hash seems related to unlisted videos.

From what I see there, it doesn’t seem to handle this situation:
It might be a solution to rely on the uri value from the oembed_data output. Even with the video ID only, it gives /videos/795669787:0763fdb816, then you sub : character to /.

EDIT: Sorry did not pay attention I was looking at the old repo :melting_face:

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looks like a regression @jancernik


Hi @Richie, thanks for reporting this one. This was due to a change we made recently on how we handle some embeds. We just merged a fix for it here:


Thanks for the super fast fix @jancernik

This is great :smiley:


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