Vimeo onebox not working

We’re new to Discourse, using the version hosted by you. YouTube videos embed fine, but Vimeo don’t on our site. What are we doing wrong please? Here’s an example of one not working:

Note that the above is what SHOULD be happening (we know the privacy settings are wrong), but this isn’t happening on our site - we are just seeing the URL as typed.

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Could it be related to this?

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Let’s see

looks all right to me?


Still not working for us - see attached screenshot. YouTube links embed fine. Not sure where we go from here to fix this? is the problem Vimeo link.

That particular URL - Digital DJ Lab Connect - How to make time for your DJing on Vimeo returns a 404 at Vimeo.


True for you, but it is enabled for our website domain so that’s not the issue. Also we now seem to be having problems with YouTube embeds, too - see attached.

Vimeo and YouTube oneboxing works here on meta and on my v2.3.0.beta3 +20 instance. The first troubleshooting step would be to figure out what is different in your instance.

  • What is your Discourse version?
  • Did you use the standard install?
  • Does it work in safe mode?
  • Do you have any customizations?
  • CDN?

Hi!! I’m having the same issue, but it works on safe mode. What can I do for this to work on “normal” mode as well?


Test, if Vimeo oneboxing works:

Edit: Makes a box, but not a clickable video anymore. (This vimeo video has the rights to be shown on other websites.)


Yes confirmed, this has regressed @techAPJ

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Vimeo oneboxing (for public videos) regressed 11 days ago in this commit and the gem version was bumped. It was fixed the same day in this commit but the version was not bumped. I just bumped onebox version and Vimeo oneboxing now works as expected.