Virus scanning of uploaded files via VirusTotal API?

I realize virus scanning of files is included in the paid enterprise version, but in an age where privacy and security are becoming increasingly crucial, shouldn’t the free version also have something like that to promote free sharing of information?

I don’t know how the enterprise anti virus works, but perhaps the free version could use the VirusTotal API to check URLs of uploads and display scan results beside them?

Has this method been considered, or is there already a plugin for something like this that I’m unaware of?

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Our plugin is open source and available here: GitHub - discourse/discourse-antivirus: Scan your Discourse uploads.. It uses ClamAV

At the moment we only support it directly via our Enterprise plan because:


Echoing Kris, I’m not aware of anything outside of our ClamAV integration at the moment, but I also want to add that anyone looking for a fun plugin project to start playing with Discourse plugins, getting Discourse to use something like the VirusTotal API for uploads sounds like a good one!