Some feedback about text colours on the new 'Latest' page when in Dark Theme

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share some feedback with you around the new (to me) ‘Latest’ page that appeared when I upgraded my Discourse recently to v2.2.0.beta5 +132

When using the Dark theme, unread topics are displayed in a white colour and topics which have been read are displayed in a shade of grey. This is fine, makes perfect logical sense.

What isn’t so logical though is the Category names being displayed in white for topics which have been read.


In the above example, for topics which have been read I find my eye being drawn more to the brighter white text of the category name, rather than the topic title. The category name jumps out a lot.

What are people’s thoughts on changing the category names to also be displayed in grey for topics which have been read?

Or maybe just changing the category names to be grey all the time, regardless of read-state?

Cheers :+1:t2:


This is easy for logged-in users because we track read status and apply a .visited class.

We tried this and discovered that it isn’t achievable for users who are logged out, because we rely on the :visited pseudo class on links to make them lighter. Since the category is a separate link we can’t also apply the style based on the :visited pseudo there.

This was our next thought too, we made category names a little less prominent already (dark grey instead of black), it’s subtle on the light theme and seems even harder to notice on dark themes (I can maybe adjust it a little there).



Hi Kris, thanks for the quick (and detailed) response!

I switched to the Light theme to take a look before posting here and I agree, it’s not so much of an issue there.

It may just be my eyes playing tricks on me but on the dark theme my eyes are constantly drawn to the brighter (lighter) text for some reason :blush:


Probably needs adjustments if those screenshots accurately represent the current state.


I’ve reduced the contrast of our $primary-high color variable in dark themes by 15%, contrast was definitely higher than it is in light themes

Before & after

47%20AM 03%20AM


Thanks for this @awesomerobot :+1:t2:

I’ll install this update first thing in the morning!

Cheers :beers:

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