Visitors can View but not Enter?

Hello internet,

Is there a setting that allows non-logged in visitors to see my category titles on the home and in the menu, but then they are prompted with the login pop up to enter?

For example, I’d like everyone to be able to see my forum topics, but when they click to “enter,” they’re prompted with the login and must log in to view. Like a paywall but without the pay.

I tried setting the category security to “users trust-level-0 can create/see/reply,” but the problem with that is that it removed that category from the home and menu, and visitors can’t even see the category exists.


No, there is no way to do this, and we’re strongly opposed to it as a feature.

I think there is some bizarre third party plugin that does something like this if you search.


Good to know, thanks. Is there a reason why?

I’d like to have content with tiered access, and make some content available too all, some to users, and some to paid users. I’d like all of the category titles to be visible to all though.

There are many, many prior discussions on this as I recall. Feel free to do some searches and see what you find. The TL;DR is


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