Show topic title even if you don't have access

Is it possible to show the title of a topic in the topic list even if you do not have access. ie Padlock next to it.

I see you can do this wilth the category itself but what about the individual topic titles?

The reason I ask is that I want to create members only areas that users will be forced to create an account or login to see the content, showing the topic title will act as a teaser and help to promote the discussion.

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Hey James.

Not that I’m aware of. The ‘See’ security setting allows people to read the post as well as the title – they just can’t reply.

You’re looking for a way to gate the content?


Hi :slight_smile:

Yes, I want to begin creating areas where I could potentially gate them. Ideally with an indication of what is required when one arrives at the content, login or subscribe to access etc.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like plugin territory. I’m not aware of any similar functionality to date. There is a guest-gate plugin but it doesn’t match up to what you are looking for 100%.


Just for search results…

For example: