Voice recording plugin

It should be possible to adapt this theme component to work for audio recording. Javascript microphone access is supported on almost all browsers which Discourse supports (except IE11). That would be a fully-native approach, and would not require a plugin.


Hi @david! That would be pretty great. Being able to record audio, video, and screen all would be super handy, especially if it can be done natively and in an official theme component so it doesn’t get in the way of other functionality and is maintained. @pawel what are your thoughts?

@pawel I’d suggest you update the OP to make clear that you are not going to add support for third party audio recording services to this plugin… people keep asking for it. I see it’s a wiki so let me know if you want me to edit it for you.

@Nacho_Caballero it’s great that you are interested in this too but I hope you can come around to the idea of staying away from third party hosting services, as discussed above. If not, please start a new topic.


@tobiaseigen I would much prefer a native solution, so no objections from me there :blush:

@david your approach seems very interesting, I hope you pursue it. To avoid cluttering the UI, it would probably make sense to add an option to define which of the three recording modes is available (audio, video or screen). Does the current approach work with mobile/iOS?



But seriously, sorry for the delay, it’s a busy time for me. The fix is in place, just update the plugin and it should work again.



Thanks so much for updating the plugin pawel. Love this feature.

I’ve been testing it out in my community, and we can get it to work in Chrome, but in Firefox (75) it crashes the tab on "processing audio…


Does this mean the plugin not actually broken as described in the tag?

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It means that the dev had fixed it at that point of time but its broken currently.


Is it somehow possible to integrate Google’s voice recorder app into Discourse? Here is what I mean:


Is there a plugin like this that works?


AFAIK no. But there is very little real need either. Almost everyone has a recorder in pocket. And after that it is just matter of upload another mediafile.


You have to open the recorder application, save the file, then browse for the file and upload it.
And the other option would be to press a button, press it again when you’re done and everything is done automatically.
I think such a plugin would be very important for the forum. If WhatsApp didn’t have voice recorder and Telegram did. Everyone would use Telegram


What do you do with photos and videos, something else than with audio :wink: Where is the difference?

Perhaps two quick messaging systems aren’t totally same as forum? Or do you have audio recording in your webmail client? So, this is a bit same as oranges and apples.

But sure, it would be nice if there would be such function. Do you want give a guess why it is so rare and youb can’t find it in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or without heavy (and expensive) customization in Moodle?

It is useful when doing podcast-style OP, but with answers it is difficult. Everyone have to listen every time.

And… users don’t use it almost never.


I would like to opensource the commercial version of this plugin with a unique version of the player.

The recorder is working with a previous Discourse version (except Apple devices), and the visual player is disabled because caching of the visual pics is not done but is possible.

The player should look like this:

Functions list:

  • audio visualization
  • speed control
  • volume control
  • download button
  • caching the visualization pics

Does anybody want to continue its’ development in an opensource mode and support the plugin with future updates?


Is it very difficult to add support for these devices?
otherwise, this is a very large number of users who use the Apple devices :frowning:


There is a problem concerning CORS policy.


Well, I can record using Apple in Moodle.

There is no point to do it with semi directly from forum (and not with androids either) because recording and uploading media is still totally same job as taking a picture and uploading it to forum :wink:

The most biggest issue is wav, because Apple doesn’t do mp3. Sure, it can be converted on server level, but it is one phase more.


What I would like to get, is a plugin that

  • convert wav to mp3 or ogg if mediafile is wav
  • will move audio file to S3 away from Discourse

Now my work flow is:

  • record using iPhone
  • wav → mp3 using one app
  • uploading to S3
  • linking to topic

I can do that, Any of my users won’t (well, users will to use audio is overrated big time, though :rofl: )


Here’s an interim solution! Audio is just video without images.


Hi, i clicked on the record button and it just gives a dark screen, on desktop and mobile


It’s a broken plugin currently