Voter images are not properly round

The voter image is kinda stretched horizontally.

EDIT: seems like happening to gif images

This looks like a custom theme to me.

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I don’t remember to the top of my head but I’d try disabling theme components and try again.

I can’t access the orng forum to check, but it looks like a border radius value for ellipses is being applied. (i.e. the value will have a “/” in it). My guess is the style was wanted for something(s) but the selector was not specific enough and the rule is too “broad”.

All of the borders that are there are through a theme component called discourse-buttons

Repo: GitHub - awesomerobot/discourse-button-styles: Theme component for styling buttons in Discourse

Any idea if this is causing the issue?

EDIT: it’s not!

So that is that particular members avatar and has nothing to do with CSS at all?

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Seems like that! Because he’s the only one using a gif instead of a regular image.

His gif looks round normally though!