Warn admins when replying to closed topics


(David Taylor) #1

Admin Warnings Theme Component


When admins click ‘reply’ on a closed topic, they will be warned. This helps to prevent admins accidentally continuing a closed/archived discussion (much to the frustration of other forum users!).

Warning text is configurable as a theme setting.

To install, follow the instructions here:

Warn staff when action will override site restriction

Thanks! Very useful!

Is there an easy way to extend this so the alert pop up pops up when highlight-quote replying too? I think it goes straight to the reply box as is.

(Wolftune) #3

Awesome thanks!

Just capturing this here so someone capable of helping to implement might see it:

That would be great too! If added, maybe this can be renamed or merged into a more general warn-admins theme component for a range of (maybe selectable?) warnings for cases where admins do things in non-admin spaces that would not be allowed were they not admins.

(Wolftune) #4

Maybe the code isn’t set right, but when I try to import this theme-component, it only imports as a full theme and isn’t selectable as a component for other themes…

(Stephen) #5

If you scroll back up to the original post you’ll see that Discourse automatically lists replies or topics which link in:

(Stephen) #6

Yep, it needs to be updated to support a change from the summer. For now you can use the convert button. I will submit a PR for it now though.

(Stephen) #7

I’ve submitted a PR, but looking back @Johani actually already submitted this PR which does the same thing:

(David Taylor) #8

My bad, I completely missed your PR @Johani - sorry! The change is now merged, thanks @Stephen