Show extra invasive warning when replying to an old topic?

We’ve been discussing auto-closing older topics in our community, but for now the consensus is that it’s better to leave them open than to force people to create new topics on the same subject. Having said that, it might be nice to show a warning when someone tries to reply to an old topic to make them pause and think for a minute before they post. Is there any way to do this, or to add it through a theme component?


You could probably adapt this component:

Rather than checking the “closed” attribute, check the “bumped at” attribute instead

But also, remember that we already show a warning in the composer when you reply to an old topic (desktop only)


I’ll give that a try, thanks!

I’m sorry to say, but in my experience our users ignore those notices in the message composer. An ‘in your face’ warning would be better for us.


This feature already exists! You are asking for something that already happens. Try replying to a many years old topic here on meta for example.

If your argument is that you need a more invasive notice, you have seriously underestimated what users can ignore — they will ignore every single thing on the screen, no matter how “invasive” you make it.


I’m afraid that is true, yes :slight_smile: Gotta try though!