Was the admin "Upgrade" page styling changed?

Previously the background for the terminal-like status/output area was black. Now it’s light grey. I preferred the previous contrast.

Was that changed officially? How can I change this back to black? I feel like the default theme, on a whole, went through some minor tweaks. Unless I messed it up somehow?

A fairly simple CSS tweak, no?:

.console-logs {
    background-color: var(--primary);
    color: var(--secondary);

or go crazy :crazy_face:

…it was changed officially? (im using default theme) Only curious if I maybe messed up something unknowingly. thx

Edit: In the meantime I did:

.docker-manager .console-logs {
    background-color: #000;
    color: #f2f2f2;


Edit: Here’s a screenshot of the new console background color (no text).

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I didn’t see any official announcement, but indeed, it has been deployed in a recent update. :slight_smile:


You are better to use variables so Light/Dark works.

Then again I suspect you like this dark all the time? :+1:

oh, ok. yes indeed… :wink:

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Although a solution has been accepted, is it not the case that as-shipped the log information is illegible? If so, that’s a bug which needs to be fixed.

It was not “illegible”:

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The screenshot is before it’s got going I suspect.

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Ah, yes, the screenshot is only of the background, no text. Will add a note.

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