Watch multiple tags from one page?

Right now, if user want to watch a tag, it has to choose that tag and click watch. It would be time consuming if user want to watch multiple tags. Instead, can we show all tags in one page, and each tag will have a watch button, user can choose to watch as many as they interest?

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I found the tag page:

Can we have “watch” button for each tag, so that user can quickly watch multiple tags?

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It would probably require a new UI for that operation since I can’t see it fitting easily into our current tags page. I think for now we’ll have to live with the extra click from the tags page -> tag before they set up their tracking.


I guess one way to do it would be to open up and then in another window/tab — inputting the tags you want to follow into an input is probably a bit faster than visiting every tag page and selecting watch from the dropdown (for desktop users, anyway).

A bulk actions menu for tags would probably be useful! Following the topic list pattern would probably be reasonable…


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