Watched word regular expression crash

This is a twofold bug.

First, an error in a regular expression causes a 500 server error when any post is made.
See also this prior bug report Invalid regular expressions in 'Watched Words' makes no watched word work (scenario: worse).

Second, a previously correct regular expression which escapes a dash, is now seen as incorrect. So where \- used to work prior to 3.1.0 stable, it now causes a fatal error.

This is probably happening because of Unicode being enabled in 9a27803.

See Regular expression syntax cheat sheet - JavaScript | MDN

Note that some characters like :, -, @, etc. neither have a special meaning when escaped nor when unescaped. Escape sequences like \:, \-, \@ will be equivalent to their literal, unescaped character equivalents in regular expressions. However, in regular expressions with the unicode flag, these will cause an invalid identity escape error. This is done to ensure backward compatibility with existing code that uses new escape sequences like \p or \k.

but it would be nice if there was an exception handler here.


We have this prioritized now, will get to it in the next 4 weeks.


This has been fixed:

I am currently looking into finding a way to enable the validation of JS regular expressions from the Ruby side. I hope to have a fix ready soon.


I started getting error 500 on new posts since a recent update (last week). There were also errors related to emails (in sidekiq, it was watched words related). I only noticed this today. Tried to run an update but the error 500 when posting was still present. The only workaround I’ve found for now is to remove all watched word words.

I cannot reproduce it without any further information. Do you have watched_words_regular_expressions site setting enabled? Can you upload your list of watched words so I can test? Or maybe check your logs (https://your-forum/logs) and post here stack traces that are related to watched words.

Do you have watched_words_regular_expressions site setting enabled? → No

Did a few tests, it only seems to happen with *wildcards

asteriskexampleasterisk → this gives 500 error
example → is replaced correctly

asterisk is *

@RGJ do you feel the OP has been addressed

We merged this PR

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