Watched Words and Personal/Private Messages


I just wanted to ask whether it was already known that when using the Watched Words functionality, Discourse flags PMs?

I do have Admin access, but I don’t think ordinarily I would see messages sent to another user, but if it is flagged because of a watched word, I can then click on the link to view the PM.

I wasn’t sure whether to suggest this was a bug until I had at least asked the question above.

In one sense, I would prefer to be able to action the watched words in any of the topics/posts/messages, but in the other hand, I don’t feel that I should be able to see a PM addressed to someone else, in this case, another member of the team.

Admins can always read PMs. Staff can read PMs that are flagged. It has been this way since the beginning of the project, and there are existing topics on it, but that won’t be changing anytime soon.


Ah, ok, no worries - wasn’t really a request for change, just wasn’t sure if it was supposed to work in the way I spotted.

Apologies for not searching more thoroughly to find existing topics Jeff.

It is not a problem, I just don’t particularly want to revisit / reopen the “oh noes people can see PMs” debate, which was long.

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Oh I see… lol… sorry, my post touched a nerve clearly… didn’t realise… was literally something I only spotted the other day. Feel free to delete this topic Jeff if it helps, I don’t mind :slight_smile: