Issues with word-based "Flags"


We’ve started using the word-based flags to help us identify people who may be causing issues or violating our usage terms. But - the system is also going back through old PMs - which I really don’t care about. Can you add the following options to the flag feature??

  1. Option to only have it going forward in time (not searching through thousands of old messages and PMs)
  2. Have options to check for having it search a. Main discussion forums (open to all) and b. Private messages

One of our admins complained about it giving all the admins access to the old PMs which they didn’t normally have access too - but I’m not too concerned about that

From one of my

“Guys, we have a problem… System is going back chronologically through the forum and flagging posts that match the automatic flag words. Which is fine. The problem is that it is flagging PMs too, giving us access to PMs that we weren’t invited to.”


Hmm @neil what do you think here?

It’s rebaking all private messages, and no other types of posts? I don’t know of any way that adding a new word would trigger a rebake of private messages.


No - I think its doing both. We just care less about the private messages.


Ok I see how this can happen. When posts are being rebaked but it wasn’t edited, we should skip the word watching. I’ll fix it.


I believe @neil checked in a fix, can this be closed?

Yes, this is fixed now. Thanks for reporting it, @BCHK .