Watched words: in Persian, content is affected without containing the word

is it possible that watched words work inaccurately in other languages like Arabic or Persian?

currently we’ve added some words to watched, but topics without such words get affected.

Can you give some more details with examples?


I’d, I’m just not sure what kind of details or examples may be useful.

by “example”, do you mean a list of Persian words which we have added to watched word, and a Persian text which got affected without containing the words? (would it be useful if the words and the text are not in English?)

Yes. A specific example of “this is a text that triggered it, but it does not contain any of the watched workds from this list” all in Persian would be necessary.


ok, I got it! we have this word in our watched word list: دین

and then the last posts that needed approval contained words like this:


these 4 words, are all different words with different meaning. but have those three letters in them with the same sequence.

should I add space to the watched word? something like this: " دین " instead of this “دین”


The way you should trigger is including the regex for matching spaces or non-word characters on each side. For example let’s say you want to hide the following (kinda) naughty word in English


so you replace it with


Well, that’s called a clbuttic mistake … see Obscenity Filters: Bad Idea, or Incredibly Intercoursing Bad Idea?

The way we define word boundaries doesn’t work well for non-latin characters at the moment. There is some discussion on the issue here:


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