"Watching first post" Allows other to see PMs

(Kiwicute2016) #1

Recently, a member of my forums notified me when he turned on “Watching First Post”, it permitted him to see all PMs. This kinda feels like an invasion of privacy.

Is this supposed to happen or is this a bug?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

That seems odd. Watching first post on what category, exactly?


@kk091, What version are you running?
I tested that here, and did not work.

(Kiwicute2016) #4

@codinghorror In our forums, only mods and admins can PM people, but in such a way that mods first have to create a topic and then turn that into a PM through the wrench on the side. It seems to be that the topic has to be created in one of any category which allows anyone with “Watching First Post” turned on to see it. I’m not exactly sure about this though.

@SidV I’m not sure. :sweat_smile:

(Neil Lalonde) #5

Sounds like they’re being notified when the topics are not private. Can’t they enable private messaging but set min trust to send messages to 4 so that only staff can send them? Even without watching, their scheme could result in people seeing the messages before they become private.


Please go to your-forum.com/admin and tell us your version :slight_smile:

(Kiwicute2016) #7

I’m not sure where exactly to look on the page. Can moderators see?

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