We need help re-gaining access to our account


my team and have recently lost access to discourse due to change of domain host. Our Host was Godaddy but now we are with google domains and we have had issues in getting access to our account.

Can someone help with this please

Many thanks


Are you hosted by discourse.org? If so, then it sounds like you just need to make sure that you have a CNAME record pointing to YOURSITE.hosted-by-discourse.com. If you do that, your site should work. If you’re not sure what YOURSITE is then you’ll need to email support@discourse.org to try to figure that out.

It’s not clear what account you’re talking about.


Hi Ru. :wave:

Sorry to hear your change of domain host is causing access issues for your Discourse site.

As @pfaffman pointed out, if you are on our hosted service it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix. However, if you are hosted elsewhere (including self-hosting on a VPS), it should be a similar process to fix.

The first step is to determine where your Discourse is hosted and contact them. If you or the person who set up your Discourse is hosting with us you can message the @team group when logged into meta.discourse.org, or by emailing team@discourse.org. :slight_smile:

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