.. how to configure / rebake / ssh?

All of the tutorials and how-to’s when configuring/editing discourse seem to be in regard to self hosted plans.

I don’t see how i can follow a tutorial like Change the domain name or rename my Discourse? to change my host setup.

I also can’t see an account login via the main discourse site - to edit anything including anything to do with the plan and subscription that is being paid.

I feel like I have made a mistake by setting up a hosted plan with a test domain , because now i cannot easily change the domain. I have been doing all my importing/css changes/sso testing and settings tweaks on a linux box via virtual box. Now its time to go live, changing my DNS from my test subdomain to a real subdomain (via cloudflare) gives me an error ’ Sorry, the site you are looking for does not exist.’ and if I get discourse to import my backup (the one i generated on the dev machine) I know all the links are going to be wrong because they’re baked in.

Should I just close down the plan and just host it myself? It seems like if the site crashes or i need to do something to the database, I am at the whim of discourse support.

There is a change domain button at the top of the hosted admin dashboard… if you are referring to our hosting. Changing domains is 100% self service.


That is indeed the case, and why customers pay us! Our hosted plans are set up so we worry about keeping sites up and running, so customers don’t have to. This allows our customers to focus solely on their communities, and not worry about what’s going on “behind the scenes”.


thanks I was looking through settings and not seeing the obvious thing, the dashboard.

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