WebFont Discourse Logos

Is there an established protocol for substituting bitmap logos with HTML/CSS/WebFonts for CSS based text effects?

If I were to approach this, I’d override the template that puts the logo via a plugin and put my text in there and then add accompanying CSS to apply whatever transformations/effects I’d want it to have.

Are you suggesting I create a plugin or that such a plugin exists?

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I believe uploading .svg logos works just fine, though note that emails will be broken, as virtually no email client supports svg in HTML emails.


You’d have to create one if you went the route of pure text, if SVG does what you want, you could utilize that without a plugin.

Overriding a template is not difficult.

Interesting, SVG. Perhaps a useful interim solution while cobbling together a long term solution plugin.
Can you think of any downside to SVG, is there good reason it hasn’t been made use of before?

Sorry, didn’t see Jeff’s comment.