Webhook: Include X-Discourse-Event in transmitted info?


In the data sent by the webhook, would it be possible to retrieve the “X-Discourse” type information?

X-Discourse-Event-Id: ...
X-Discourse-Event-Type: ...
X-Discourse-Event: ...

The last one X-Discourse-Event is the one that would be the most useful to me because it would make it possible to know in particular when it comes to an account deletion and to treat it as such, to clean the database which is fed by this webhook.

Because as it stands, if the event is X-Discourse-Event: user_destroyed then the webhook runs. However, when setting up the webhook, account deletion is not mentioned in the types of events that should trigger it.

In itself, it is not a problem that the webhook is running for this reason, it could even be very useful, provided that one can identify the nature of this event.

The nature of the event (created, approved, updated, destroyed…) is information that would be useful.

Unless it’s already available and I haven’t seen it, in which case sorry for the loss of time and I want a clue to find it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,