Webhook event `post_type`

I’m integrating with the webhook, and when I receive a Post event, we have the post_type field. How can I find the type list? Do we have documentation about webhook events?

In resume, I wondering to discover if the user made a comment, shared a post, or another related event.

Maybe this should be documented here: Configure webhooks that trigger on Discourse events to integrate with external services.

You can get the post types from the rails console by running Post.types. That returns

:regular=>1, :moderator_action=>2, :small_action=>3, :whisper=>4

Any regular post on the site will have its post_type field set to 1 (regular.)

Post type 2 (moderator_actions) is for posts that are generated when moderators handle flags in the review queue. I think that’s the only time that post type is used.

Post type 3 (small_actions) is for posts that are automatically generated when a topic is opened, closed, etc.

Post type 4 is for whisper posts.

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Got it.

Is there some way to know if the user created a post or just reply another post?
And do we have the event when the user shares a topic/post?

@Lucas_Alves … must be so frustrating to just get no instructions, but also to completely miss any doc about it. Like, at least, for me it is frustrating.

Now, since I found your post here which was exactly what I was looking for, let me share how I detect if it is a “comment” (strictly speaking a POST that is a FOLLOW UP of any kind to the TOPIC)

  1. the post_type is 1
  2. the post_number is greater than 1
  3. the version is 1

If you want to specifically get only replies to a specific other coment you could use reply_to_post_number (if not empty, that is the post number of the post being replied to)

I hope this helps, and I wish, Discourse would call this object property comment, not post, just like they call like for Like actions!

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